Gardening Services

Grass cutting

We cut and drop the grass every two weeks during the growing season. Carefully strim around obstacles and plants as well as create define edges. We also provide lawn care.


Shrub bed maintenance – Any beds with weeds will be attended by hand with use of any chemical if necessary. Shrubs will be trimmed if they are obstructing windows, doors, car parks and pathways. Larger shrubs will be attended to in winter months


Hedges will be maintained twice per year, once before spring and again in the early autumn, avoiding the bird nesting months. Any larger hedge reduction will be attended in the winter months


Hardstanding surfaces such as paths or car parks will be treated with weed killer every two weeks during the growing season and keep them swept and clear of leaves and debris. Leaves will be collected. Any presence of moss and algae will be treated


We will remove any suckers and self sets growing from the tree aswell as remove any low hanging or wanted branches.

Snow clearance and gritting

We can proactively grit and clear snow, older persons and supported housing schemes are prioritised 


We will pick up any litter on the grounds with every visit

In compliance with the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 we carefully check hedges and shrubs for any signs of nests. We will not undertake any work if nests are found.

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